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A United Mission...

This is a critical election year for our country. President Obama will be out of office, and with the right candidate Republicans could take the presidency and retain both houses of Congress. Because of the growing deficits and an anemic economic recovery, many strong Republican candidates will be running. It's time to help elect a candidate to unite us behind our shared values and issues. We need leaders who will make a stand for the principles we value most. We need the right men and women in Washington and our state governments to help control the federal and state budgets and to enliven our economy in these challenging economic times. Yes, the challenge is great, but we can win if we have the resolve to persevere. Once again, as Republicans, we must come together to support our candidates and the principles we believe in. United we can win!

Unfortunately, too much time is spent focusing on what divides us as Republicans. This site is committed to providing inspiration and enlightenment on issues and principles that unite us as a party.

Together we can make a difference for the party by taking a positive stand for what unites us and by supporting our local, state and national officials and future candidates. You can also risk being a contagious conservative but having political conversations with your friends and neighbors. The future of America is too important to leave to our candidates. This is your country and your freedom; take a stand for the principles you value.

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Principles That Unite Us...

A survey from a sample of members from the California Republican Party on the Republican principles that most unite us isolated the following six key principles:

1. Stand for Smaller Government & Less Government Intervention/Regulations (51%)
2. Be a Force to Lower Taxes (41%)
3. Promote National and Homeland Security (37%)
4. Help Sustain the American Dream Based on Personal Freedom and Responsibility (37%)
5. Promote Educational Excellence to Leave No Child Behind (32%)
6. Foster a Sound, Free-Enterprise Economy (27%)

No other principle or issue received even 10% of the votes.
Read more about the survey results and a sample of actual comments from CRP members!

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