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"Common Taxes Needed"
The Star, March 24, 2000
By Terry Paulson, PhD

Liberals have no shame. They are ushering in the true age of greed. They can blatantly state that in spite of the fact that the successful, rich achievers of the world pay most of our state and federal taxes, those same people do not deserve a tax refund in the face of our new surpluses. In fact, Timm Herdt would have those same hardworking Americans paying more by proposing even more progressive taxes and targeted tax refunds and new programs that will help the less fortunate. Will Timm soon be suggesting that the rich pay more for food, movies, cars and other expenditures? I wouldn't put it past him.

Common sense says we ought to have common taxes. If we each have the same vote, should we not pay the same tax rate? After all, if one sales tax is fair no matter what the income, why not one income tax rate? That way, if you buy more and make more, you will pay always pay more taxes, but not at a greater rate.

But as long as you can rob citizen Peter to pay for citizen Paul's bill, Paul is going to vote for people who will do just that. After all, the democrats have proven beyond a doubt that you can always find politicians who will use class envy and greed to fuel their campaigns. Instead of challenging people to learn marketable skills, start their own companies, work hard, save, invest and capture their share of the American Dream, they work to create dependence on programs and politicians in Sacramento and Washington. Our forefathers promised a country dedicated to protecting each person's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They did not guarantee happiness or a set standard of living-just the right to pursue it. Fostering dependency and envy was not the way to achieve the American Dream then, and it isn't now.

Liberals point to the growing bounty for the rich from the stock advances and great economy. But will they be there to support them when the stock market produces big loses and economic downturns force bankruptcy. I doubt it.

The hardworking achievers of the world have only one choice in today's crazy world-to support lobbyists and the political campaigns of those who will stand up to the liberal politicians and the media bias that supports them.

Until Americans are willing to play by the same tax rules, I am glad that our courts have stood tall for the right of any American to use their own money to fight the fight for a position they believe in. I obviously don't make anywhere near what the Ted Turner or Bill Gates of the world make, but I certainly do not expect them to pay a higher percentage than I do.

The charity of the poor is to wish the rich well, and to hope through their own efforts that they can find their own piece of the American Dream. Everyone who pays taxes deserves to get back the same percentage refund as they put in. If you don't like the refunds the super rich receive, I know how you can fix that-pay their taxes!

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