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"It's OK to Resist"
USA Today, August 20, 2001

By Terry Paulson, PhD

Thank goodness for Walmart! They have lead the way in retailing for years, and now they are leading their way to fight back against the rampant litigation abuse that has taken over America.

The past strategy of giving in because it was cheaper to settle than fight has made a lottery out of our court system and spawned lawyers on every corner advertising for anyone with a gripe to make their fortune by blaming it on anyone with deep pockets. You can see the ads: "When in pain, find someone to blame ... and with our help we can sue them for you and make you a profit without even having to go to court!"

Sam Walton's Wal-Mart built its foundation on sound principles and advanced systems thinking, and it sounds like they added a principle that would make Sam Walton proud—"Settle claims for which we are liable and fight any that lack merit." Fight on Wal-Mart, Eli Lilly and Allstate.

I hope more corporations join the cause! Our companies should accept responsibility when they are wrong and courts should right legitimate wrongs when they don't, but let's stop encouraging frivolous lawsuits that costs us all and rewards abusers of the system.

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