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"The Taxman Cometh, Bob"
USA Today, January 29, 1996
By Terry Paulson, PhD

It is now time to act; we now have a "filthy rich" person in the midst of an obvious hotbed of liberal thought. You must work hard to keep Bob Twigg as your designated "rich" assistant national editor so he can provide a unique perspective to USA TODAY ("'I won the lottery,'" Cover Story, News, Friday).

Ask him how easy it feels to pay his "fair share" of taxes now. Welcome him to the ranks of the top 5% of U.S. wage earners, that "greedy" group that pays 46% of the entire federal income tax bill. With any luck, Twigg will have good counsel that will help him pay all he owes beyond the 32% the IRS already has taken. Warn him that he must pay early or he will be penalized for the evil person he must be!

By the way, tell him to look out for President Clinton. The last time Clinton got elected, the only people he figured he could safely soak were the top 5 percent of wage earners who don't tend to vote for him anyway. If he and his Rolodex of cronies win again, tell Twigg to be ready for the next wave of retroactive tax increases.

Don't get me wrong. I loved reading the joy of victory that Twigg experienced, just as I enjoy achieving success and the income it provides. But it will be fun watching and reading about how and if it changes Twigg's perspective. Journalists and liberal politicians love to talk about Republican plans benefiting the wealthy. They never seem to complain or comment about singling them out for tax increases.

OK. all taxes aside, I wish I had Twigg's tax problems. Add my congratulations to the others, but just don't forget to ask him how he feels about his "fair share" after a couple of years of paying it.

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