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Survey - Principles That Unite Us...

I conducted an e-mail survey of a sample from the California Republican Party. I asked the members to identify the three principles on which they believed that the California Republican Party could unite behind. There was no list of principles or issues to choose from-just the invitation to share their own views. This report summarizes the results from that survey.

1. Stand for Smaller Government & Less Government Intervention/Regulations (51%)
2. Be a Force to Lower Taxes (41%)
3. Promote National and Homeland Security (37%)
4. Help Sustain the American Dream Based on Personal Freedom and Responsibility (37%)
5. Promote Educational Excellence to Leave No Child Behind (32%)
6. Foster a Sound, Free-Enterprise Economy (27%)
7. List of other principles identified and a sample of comments
8. The Need for Republican Unity
9. Republicans Must Tolerate and Encourage Differences

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