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1. Stand for Smaller Government & Less Government Intervention/Regulations (51% of surveyed members)

Basic Principle: Government should be limited to critical roles that people can not do for themselves. Where possible, politicians should work to keep more money in the pockets of American citizens instead of using tax money to fund another federal or state program. Curtailing waste and fraud is done best by ending unnecessary programs, avoiding starting new ones, and encouraging local control of programs and necessary government resources.

"Support Freedom from Big Government - we need to aggressively reduce the size and scope of government before it swallows all of our freedoms. America became great not because of what our government does but because of what our government does not do. We started out as a nation with limited governmental powers. We are in grave danger of losing that if it isn't already too late." John Beckman

"Government should be focused on doing for people what they cannot do for themselves. That requires that the power and resources should be kept close to the people though their local leaders rather than through a centralized distant big government." Tom Jones, Placer County Republican

"Republicans believe in limited government which exists to protect those rights, with separation of powers and the principle of subsidiarity-keeping power at the level of social organization as close as possible to the individual and the family." D. Scholl

"SMALLER GOVERNMENT: We must support the objective assessment and immediate elimination of bureaucratic waste and overlap. That means the aggressive pursuit of cost effective operations." John Corry

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