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3. Promote National and Homeland Security (37% of surveyed members)

Basic Principle: In a world with more rogue countries and terrorist groups capable of attacking our homeland or vital global interests, America, in order to defend its freedom and way of life, must invest adequate resource to remain strong, progressive, and technologically sophisticated. To maintain our world leadership role independent of UN control, we must continue to walk softly but continue to carry a big, technologically-advanced stick that is positioned to deal with new, smaller engagements wherever necessary. The new realities in a free world open to terrorism, investing in homeland security is a necessary and expensive priority we must fund.

"The United States is the world's foremost guardian of freedom and liberty--it needs to remain strong and prepared to defend freedom & liberty around the World." Jim Bowen

"Strong Defense/National Security/Homeland Security - United We Stand!" Judy Biviano Lloyd, Bay Area Regional Chair, Bush-Cheney 2000

"Defense and safety: We need more troops, more weapons, more money and better treatment of soldiers and veterans. We need to focus on safety, which includes way more supervision of airports, nuclear power plants, food and water supplies - in other words safety! That includes a missile defense shield! People are scared and we must make sure that safety means getting rid of the destructive policies of the left, not taking away our freedoms!!" Anonymous

"A strong national defense to protect our citizens, secure our borders, and deter any aggressor." Michele

"Win the war on terrorism no matter how long it takes." Shirley Hendrickson

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