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4. Help Sustain the American Dream Based on Personal Freedom and Responsibility (37% of surveyed members)

Basic Principle: America is the land of opportunity, and the Republican party is the true party of the individual. The party is committed to sustaining every citizen's natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that individuals, unencumbered by government controls and empowered by freedoms and opportunity, can make their lawful dreams a reality, limited only by his or her determination and natural abilities. Where possible, we urge the government to get out of people's lives so as to encourage personal responsibility.

"One very important principle is the value of the individual and how much we believe and expect each individual to be responsible, accountable and successful. Certain minorities, in particular, have not received that message from the Republican Party. In speaking with Americans of Hispanic ancestry and Americans with African ancestry, this has been my experience, so far. We need to get the message out to everyday people, every day of their life, not just during election time. We need to be a part of their everyday living, we need to get involved and get them involved as well. We need to give them special and individual, personal, attention. We need to build trust and confidence...and a sense of teamwork. Yes, united we will win." Isaac Barcelona

"In my mind, there is one that rises above all others... America is the land of opportunity. People come to this country because they know they have a chance to make something of themselves and for themselves, by themselves. Republicans embody that principle-- they believe that individuals, as well as individuals that come together in the form of an organization, when unencumbered by government, can make their dreams a reality. Republicans are the true party of the individual." Michele Zschau, Campaign Director, Lynne Leach for Superintendent of Public Instruction

"One of the three most important Republican values I believe is freedom from government intervention in our daily lives...government is to provide safety not involve itself with personal issues....religion...abortion and the like. I believe most Americans can unite behind this." Jody Weir

"Republicans believe in the infinite dignity of the human person with natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very basic concept on which the Republican Party was founded is the dignity and value of every individual human being. Each person is a unique individual created by a loving God who loves each person with an infinity love. He has endowed us with free will and the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We possess those rights by our very human nature from the moment of conception to natural death. Based on that basic concept, we believe that government properly serves the individuals - not the other way around. And we believe that the rights of an individual may not be morally taken away by anyone - not another individual nor even an unanimous vote of the rest of the nation. No person may be the property of either another person nor of the government. That is why slavery is an abomination, as is authoritarian government (socialism by whatever name.)" D. Scholl

"The secret of America's strength is its citizens--every American should have the opportunity to achieve their personal lawful goals, limited only by his or her determination and natural abilities." Jim Bowen

"I believe clarity and simplicity are teammates that are compelling to the public. In this regard I believe we should champion 'individual freedom' and 'personal responsibility'. We should champion the position that people should be given freedom to act and be held accountable for the outcomes of their actions. This is the foundation of our great country and we should return to basics." Phil Stump

"The Republican Party from the time of Abraham Lincoln has stressed individual responsibility and that is a most important uniting principle. If this can be put in such a way to give the message women also need the right to practice individual responsibility in their lives it would be important." Marl Duffin

"Having been born and raised in Mexico, till the age of 18, I can tell you that the United States of America, the U.S. of A., is, by far, the most wonderful country in the world. It's sad and disturbing to see how many native born Americans take it for granted and do not fully appreciate what they have here. I am an American because I chose to be an American...with my mind, with my soul, and with my heart. The Republican values reflect and underscore my love for America, which is what drives me forward. Every person here should experience this feeling and it is time for all of us to stand up and give back to our country, which has given us everything. I recently came across this phrase, I don't know who wrote it, but I want to share it with you...'The opportunity to serve is a gift; the ability to serve is a blessing; and the love of serving is a success!'" Isaac Barcelona

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