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6. Foster a Sound, Free-Enterprise Economy (27% of surveyed members)

Basic Principle: Republicans supports the free-enterprise system with minimal controls as a positive force for creating economic growth, more jobs, and personal wealth for its citizens. Where possible and within legal limits, the party supports free trade, the right to work, and deregulated competition. The Republican Party is the party of small business; it is committed to sustaining the entrepreneurial spirit that will insure the American Dream for future generations.

"Republicans support those who believe that success comes from their own hard work. Democrats support those who think the world owes them a living." M. Wagner

"Support a competitive free-enterprise system so individuals are free to use their talents to pursue their goals." Michele

"LESS REGULATION AND MORE RELIANCE ON FREE MARKETS: The so-called de-regulation was another attempt by the Legislature to re-regulate the energy business and has been and is a dismal failure. Perhaps debacle is a better word. We need energy. The power producers want to supply that energy. But politics has led to monopolies, which directed their resources toward those goals set by the policymakers. True deregulation would have unleashed a tremendous amount of creative as well as real energy for the State. One regulation leads to another regulation, etc., etc., and the law of unintended consequences hits us in the face every time. Of course, those consequences lead to more regulations. More trust in the people of California, all of the people, not just the environmentalists, the power companies, the developers, etc., would reduce the scope and cost of government." Rosemary Loven, Director, Region I, Central Division, California Federation of Republican Women

"Protect our property rights." Shirley Hendrickson

"Be the party of business. It's the economy stupid...!" G Steves

"SUPPORT FREE ENTERPRISE: Support unbridled competition. Prevent less than 20% of the workforce (organized labor) from setting 100% of the labor agenda. Work on the revocation of burdensome regulations that adversely impact economic growth." John Corry

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