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The Need for Republican Unity

It's time for the California Republican Party to speak with passion about the principles Republicans can unite behind....

We are often tempted as republicans to run campaigns focusing on what we are against instead of remembering what we are for. The American Dream is built on a commitment to core principles and the belief that each generation of Americans must pursue their own dreams and reclaim the freedoms and responsibilities that make those dreams possible. Ronald Reagan knew the power of the dream; we must find that passion anew. Many in my survey agreed:

"All the principles we stand for must be spoken with a passion, plans and dreams to make Californians proud. I'm tired of hearing our Republican leaders speak with no passion, no plans and no dreams of what we can do. Reagan was a master at it. We need leaders with a vision of what we can do." Tony Dart, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County

"We need a strong, clear WINNING platform and leadership in touch with voters. WE MUST PLACE VALUE ON LEADERSHIP BASED ON WINNING AND DROP THE BLAME GAME. Currently Republicans in California have too many leaders who hide behind false, impractical "principles" that do not reflect the voter's feelings and wishes. We need to understand the difference between practical principles and the party platform." Anonymous

"I am much concerned with those in the CRP who are more committed to philosophy than winning. I consider myself a Conservative, have been since before the Goldwater days, but I am considered (and called) by many in my party a 'liberal,' no better than a Democrat because I believe that 'Losers Don't Legislate' and that we don't have a voice if we don't win elections." Anonymous

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