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Celebrating Our Differences

Republicans must care enough to tolerate and encourage difference within the party...

A party committed to freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity for all Americans ought to be known for our tolerance for diverse opinions and different dreams. It is time that we make it so in the California Republican Party. Many in my survey agreed:

"Stick with Reagan's 11th Commandment ("Thou shall not speak ill of any other Republican). This means no litmus tests, no condemning moderate or extreme right Republicans whose views may differ." Bob Elsner

"Internal debate and conflict are healthy. COMPETE AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS NOT FELLOW REPUBLICANS. Republicans avoid conflict and when conflict is encountered, there is no process or commitment to resolve the conflict. As a result, we have an ineffective party apparatus with too many people standing on the sidelines unengaged and angry. Republicans are poor participators, so something needs to address draw more people into the governance of the party. We need to reward people who engage in internal debate and we need to then focus on competing against the Democrats." Anonymous

"Let's create a broad-based, big-tent party. The term 'compassionate conservatism' may best describe how our party should both grow and govern." Lionel J. Bogut, Editor, Republican Grass Roots, Sun City, CA

"The central theme must be to defeat the Democrats. This is not a 'principle' in the philosophical sense, but it is a "principle" with respect to our Party. We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Democrats are the San Antonio Spurs. Kobe and Shaq may disagree on who headlines the team, but both agree on beating the Spurs. And by the way, the Spurs are a great example. Not only did we beat them in the playoffs last year, we destroyed them. That is the focus we must keep." Phil Stump

"One principle we should unite behind but don't is - TOLERANCE of other points of view. Unless we demonstrate a tolerance for each other and each other's point of view, we shall never unite and win. Successful state parties stay away from ideological battles and unite behind good candidates who are good fits in their districts. It doesn't matter if they are moderate or conservative as long as they can WIN! God Bless America!" Judy Biviano Lloyd, Bay Area Regional Chair, Bush-Cheney 2000

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