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Terry Paulson, PhD, CSP, CPAE

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Terry L. Paulson, PhD, CSP, CPAE

Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist, an author, national columnist and honored professional speaker. He was selected to the National Speakers Association's prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame along with Norman Vincent Peale, Ronald Reagan and Colin Powell.

For over 30 years, Dr. Paulson has helped organizations, leaders, and teams make change work. He has developed positive approaches and practical techniques that have made him in demand as a speaker all over the world for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, hospitals, government agencies and associations. Meeting News picked him as a "Best Bet" speaker. The LA Times said he was a speaker with "substance and style." Business Digest called him the "Will Rogers of management consultants." He brings knowledge, enthusiasm and a unique and tasteful sense of humor to every speech he gives.

Dr. Paulson is a long-time Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups. His political comments have been shared in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal. He currently writes a regular column for the Ventura County Star and Townhall.com. His book, The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have, allows you to listen in and learn as two couples from different parties and backgrounds explore a political conversation over dinner. There is no name calling, just two couples trying to address issues impacting a critical choice—Who will I vote for? No boring position papers here—just straight talk over dinner about political issues that make a difference. You’ll want to buy and share this book so you and your friends can pull up a dinner chair and listen in!

What Makes Dr. Terry Paulson Special...

  • A long-time Republican who has spoken to numerous Republican groups.
  • A regular columnist for the Ventura County Star, Townhall.com and blogger at OptimismAdvantage.com and PaulsonOnPolitics.com.
  • Author of 8 books including The Optimism Advantage: 50 Simple Truths to Transform Your Attitudes and Actions into Results, Leadership Stories One Story at a Time, The Dinner, 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro, Paulson on Change, Can I Have the Keys to the Car? and They Shoot Managers Don't They?
  • Past national president of both the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation who knows what it takes to lead an organization through change
  • Honored as a Distinguished Faculty member for the Institute for Management Studies
  • A Ph.D. psychologist with a masters in theology that allows him to share insights in ways people can understand and appreciate in these challenging times

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